Small Class Sizes at Square Roots Preschool

Our small class-size is just one of the many reasons to choose Square Roots for your preschooler. Did you know that a typical preschool classroom has sixty conflicts per hour, according to an article we found on Conscious Discipline. That’s one per minute! The main reason for this is larger class sizes of same-aged children who have the same needs and skills.

square roots classroom   Small Class size classroom1

Here are some of the other reasons we think you should choose Square Roots Preschool…

Our curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development:
Social: to help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make friends, and feel that they are part of the group.
Emotional: to help children experience pride and self-confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.
Cognitive: to help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas and experience success, and by helping them acquire learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, and use words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.
Physical: to help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.

Global Awareness and Creative Expression Combined

For Earth Day at Square Roots, we talked about global awareness.  The children were each given a coffee filter to create an earth using markers and water bottles. This gave them the opportunity for creative expression and worked on fine motor skills with spraying the water bottles.

Earth day activity earth day pic earth pic

We are enrolling new preschoolers for the fall. Call us today for more info and to schedule a tour 480-447-7668.

Is Your Preschooler Ready to Learn?

Do you, or someone you know, have kids that are preschool age? Are they ready for social interaction and learning, but you are not sure where to send them? We would love to have your kids in the fall. Call us today for a tour 480-447-7668. Check out some of the great things our preschoolers have been learning at Square Roots… Blubber experiment  This was a blubber activity we did for science. Scrape Painting Scrape Painting building site words  Building sight words for hands-on learning.  hurricane lesson  Learning and building hurricanes.

Preschool Open House and Fundraiser

If you or someone you know is looking for a preschool (ages 2-5) in the Chandler/Gilbert area, or just {love} LuLaRoe and would like to support the preschool, stop on by our open house June 15th 6-8pm.
Open house flyer

You will have the chance to tour the preschool to learn all about what we do every day to grow life-long learners AND you will have Kristen as your personal LuLaRoe consultant to help you put together the perfect wardrobe for YOU! We are now enrolling kiddos ages 2-5 for the fall. Come tour Square Roots Preschool and shop LuLaRoe to support the school! LuLaRoe is a comfortable, fashion-forward clothing line with clothes for adults and children of all ages and sizes!


Fill out the contact form and RSVP for address.