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First Week of School!

We had so much fun during our first week of school!  Let’s see what we did this week…

✓  Colored in a box

✓  Made necklaces with circles

✓  Transferred red items with tongs

✓  Explored lentils and apples in our sensory bin

✓  Did a science experiment

✓  Learned to recognize our names

✓  Learned the months, days, color red and the shape circle

✓  Counted to 10

✓  Did some basic adding and subtracting

✓  Learned some Spanish

✓  Learned the letter “Aa”

✓  Listened to letter sounds

✓  Jumped

✓  Read books

✓  Played outside

✓  Made alligators

✓  Made paper airplanes and flew them

Whew!  No wonder Ms. Taryn is tired!!!  See you next week 🙂



Weekly Lesson Plan

The most important goal of our preschool curriculum at Square Roots Preschool is to help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts. Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners and to support the learning of others. We’re teaching them how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in ways that are best for them. We’re giving them good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives.
Ms. Taryn provides a consistent schedule with a balance between teacher-directed and child-centered activities. By providing a setting that fosters self-esteem, builds confidence, and is based on respect, it is our goal that the children will be empowered to take risks in their learning. Through guided discovery and hands-on learning, children will be involved in a fully integrated curriculum. The broad range of age-appropriate activities will engage preschoolers. Activities will be based on academic units of study, a weekly letter focus, and social skills themes. The children will be introduced to multidisciplinary experiences including children’s literature, dramatic play, Spanish, sign language, arts & crafts, science discovery, gardening, cooking, sensory activities, social skills development, music & singing, fine & large motor activities, and early math skills.

**Pictured is a sample weekly lesson plan**

Reading and Math

Left to Right Progression

Learning to read is HARD!  If you are reading this, do you remember a time that you could not read?  Most likely not.  Nor do you probably remember the process it took to learn to read.  First you had to learn your letters, then the sounds the letters make, then putting the sounds together to make the word then…then…then…  Whew!  Learning to go from left to right is a very important part of the process too, especially in the English language … and all before you may have known your left from your right.  At Square Roots Preschool, we incorporate left to right progression (pre-reading) into math!  We practice one-to-one correspondence daily during Circle Time.  While counting, the children practice moving from left to right with their eyes and finger as they do one-to-one correspondence.  When they start reading, their eyes and brain all already trained to move in that left to right progression making learning to read so much easier 🙂

Hands On Math

Hands On Math

We all learn in different ways and touch is one of those…touching the textures, feeling the edges and corners, physically holding it in your hand.  This is a very important way for preschoolers to learn!  Why do you think they are always touching EVERYTHING?!?!  This is how they explore their world and learn about it.  With our play-based curriculum at Square Roots Preschool, we are very hands-on.  Even during Circle Time while we are learning all about numbers.  The children actually get to see and feel what a six is…feel the curves that they one day will write, THEY get to turn it around a make a nine.  And now that we are in to working with double digits, they get to make that number…which number goes first, if they put the one in front it makes a “teen” but if they put a two in front it makes a “twenty”.  They are creating these big numbers and recognizing them long before they have the complete hand strength and coordination to write them!

Project Play – Sticker Time!


Stickers!  I haven’t met a child yet that does not love stickers…getting one and sticking them;)  This project is so simple but so rich in development.  All you need is a sheet of paper and a sheet of stickers to enhance fine motor skills, experience cause and effect and explore textures.  It may take some time showing your child how to peel the sticker off the sheet and how to stick it on the paper without it sticking to his finger but after that he will be a pro;)  I have some preschool children that can clear a sheet of stickers in record speed!  LOL  Let him experiment with the stickers…how hard is it to pull it off the paper, how sticky is it, does it get less sticky as he plays with it, introduce puffy stickers, or what does it feel like to cover your body in stickers, use the stickers to practice one-to-one correspondence counting.  So many endless possibilities!!!

Happy Playing!