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Is Your Preschooler Ready to Learn?

Do you, or someone you know, have kids that are preschool age? Are they ready for social interaction and learning, but you are not sure where to send them? We would love to have your kids in the fall. Call us today for a tour 480-447-7668. Check out some of the great things our preschoolers have been learning at Square Roots… Blubber experiment  This was a blubber activity we did for science. Scrape Painting Scrape Painting building site words  Building sight words for hands-on learning.  hurricane lesson  Learning and building hurricanes.

Classroom Cooking: Friendship Bread


The last part of each day at Square Roots Preschool is spent on a group project–something the whole class does together. We rotate the types of projects we do as a group. Cooking projects are always a crowd-pleaser.

Since we were studying the letter “F” this week, we all worked together to make Friendship Bread.  What are some of the skills we built through this activity?

• Following step-by-step directions: In order to make a recipe work, we have to follow the directions step-by-step. It is important to measure properly, mix once all the the ingredients have been added, and cook at the proper temperature for the right amount of time. What happens if we don’t follow the directions?

• Taking turns and patience: Everyone gets to help measure, pour, and stir ingredients, but we have to be patient when it’s not our turn.

• Math and reading: Following the directions requires reading, and all of those measurements require math. We’re introduced to fractions!

• Kitchen safety: We learn to use a knife, mixer, and oven (with help) and learn that though these appliances are helpful, they present dangers if not used properly.

• Impulse control: It’s not sanitary to stick your fingers in the batter, and it’s not safe to touch the hot pan. Cooking with young children is a great way to practice impulse control.

• Community spirit: We all worked together to achieve a positive result, and we get to sit down together to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We are proud of ourselves and of our friends.

• Pride: We get to take some home to our family and tell them how hard we worked and how excited we are for them to try what we made.

Whether in the classroom or at home, cooking projects provide ample opportunity for your preschooler to work on several developmental skills. Does your preschooler like to cook?