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Pumpkin Planting

For kids gardening is just FUN and exciting.  But what is even more FUN?  Planting the pumpkin you decorated at your Halloween party!!  Now we wait for it to sprout…

Seeds + Sun + Water = Plants!


At Square Roots Preschool, we love to garden!  And on this day, we made greenhouses!!  The children get really excited every time we plant something, they just love to watch it grow.  Learning through gardening connects kids to their food and engages them in nurturing a healthy planet.  The children learned what a plant needs to grow and flourish…Soil (here it was a paper towel), water, sun and of course, seeds.  We planted beans and peas in our greenhouses and every day they get to see their plants sprout roots, stems and leaves!

Back to School!

Back in session

Square Roots Preschool is back in session!  We were so excited for school to start again…but I know that isn’t always the case for the children.  Starting preschool or going back to preschool can have a lot of emotions, including anxiety, excitement, nervousness.  What is my teacher going to be like?  What will the other kids be like?  Will I have fun?  Will the other kids want to play with me?  Will I miss my Mommy and Daddy?  What am I going to do all day?  Will I get to paint?  There are a million questions going through their little heads!

At Square Roots Preschool, we make this transition to preschool or back to preschool as easy as possible.

  • We offer tours of the preschool!  This is a great opportunity for your child to see the preschool in action and meet me.  He will actually get to see what the kids get to do everyday and get the chance to interact with his classmates.  This makes his first day so much easier because he has now met the other children and might even remember their names.  We will typically schedule your tour during our Invitation to Play time, which is the first part of our day everyday.  This is the time when the children can explore the classroom and everything it has to offer.  During every Invitation to Play, there are activities out in each of the following areas:  Art, Math, Science, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Dramatic Play and Sensory.
  • Every day is structured!  We follow the same routine every day so she will know what to expect.  Every day when she arrives, she will play during Invitation to Play time, then we always clean up the classroom but don’t worry; there is lots of singing and fun when we clean up.  Next we always have a healthy snack and Ms. Taryn’s favorite part is everyone chatting.  This is where we really get to know each other; we talk about our weekends, what we like to play, all of our favorite things.  After our snack, we have circle time.  Circle time is so much fun!  We learn letters and numbers, months and weekdays, colors and shapes, Spanish and sign language.  We sing lots of songs and sometimes even get to play the teacher!  After circle time, we read books or sing and dance.  We really like to shake our sillies out!  Then we go outside.  There are many things to do outside like play in our playhouse or ride scooters or chase bubbles.  When we come back inside, we end our day with a group project.  This could any number of fun activities that Ms. Taryn likes to plan but always involves something to do with phonetics, science, cooking or gardening!  And you know what?  Preschool children can’t tell time…most anyway!  But they are really good at predicting routines.  If she is having a sad day, she knows that Mommy or Daddy always come to pick her up right after group project!
  • We play and have fun!  Our curriculum is play-based so everything we are doing is interacting with each other in a relaxed environment.  He is learning social skills such as making friends and mastering basic skills of interaction in a small, safe environment so when he goes to kindergarten he can feel confident with a few kids or a lot.
  • Our environment is home-y and loving!  If she really needs to bring her blankie to help her feel safe, she can.  If she hasn’t quite mastered going on the potty, that is okay.  If she has a conflict with a friend, all of us will work through the situation with gentleness and understanding.

Our goal at Square Roots Preschool is that your child develops a love of learning so that when he or she goes off to kindergarten he or she is read to learn.

p.s.  I found the Magic Confetti letter on Pinterest with no source.  So…if this is yours, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due:)