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First Week of School!

We had so much fun during our first week of school!  Let’s see what we did this week…

✓  Colored in a box

✓  Made necklaces with circles

✓  Transferred red items with tongs

✓  Explored lentils and apples in our sensory bin

✓  Did a science experiment

✓  Learned to recognize our names

✓  Learned the months, days, color red and the shape circle

✓  Counted to 10

✓  Did some basic adding and subtracting

✓  Learned some Spanish

✓  Learned the letter “Aa”

✓  Listened to letter sounds

✓  Jumped

✓  Read books

✓  Played outside

✓  Made alligators

✓  Made paper airplanes and flew them

Whew!  No wonder Ms. Taryn is tired!!!  See you next week 🙂



Project Play – Over Under



This is one of my favorite activities because the children are developing their large muscles and don’t even know it!  Tape large pieces of paper Over the table and tape another large piece of paper Under the table ~ you could use newspaper too.  Give your child a variety of materials…crayons, markers, colored pencils, colored tape or stickers.  Encourage him to creatively express himself on both!

Happy Playing!


Project Play – Wall Mural


This is such a fun and fantastic project to cherish for years!  Hang a large sheet of white paper or a white cloth sheet on the wall … I do suggest putting something behind it just in case the paint bleeds through or go outside 😉  Use your imagination to let your child paint on the mural; use different palates of different colored paints, paint brushes, sponges, hands, bottle brushes, spray bottles (works great with watercolors), toothbrushes, fly swatters, cookie cutters, stencils, etc.  You can also use feet…yes feet!  Put the paper or sheet on the ground and have her march all over it ~ you’ll forget how little those feet are someday!  If you are feeling adventurous, leave the paper/sheet on the wall and let her stamp with her feet.  You will both be giggling watching her try to get her foot stamp all over the paper or sheet!

Happy Playing!