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First Week of School!

We had so much fun during our first week of school!  Let’s see what we did this week…

✓  Colored in a box

✓  Made necklaces with circles

✓  Transferred red items with tongs

✓  Explored lentils and apples in our sensory bin

✓  Did a science experiment

✓  Learned to recognize our names

✓  Learned the months, days, color red and the shape circle

✓  Counted to 10

✓  Did some basic adding and subtracting

✓  Learned some Spanish

✓  Learned the letter “Aa”

✓  Listened to letter sounds

✓  Jumped

✓  Read books

✓  Played outside

✓  Made alligators

✓  Made paper airplanes and flew them

Whew!  No wonder Ms. Taryn is tired!!!  See you next week 🙂



Project Play – Patterns


Math is the study of patterns.  By copying and making patterns, children learn that objects can be arranged and have relationships to one another.  You can really use any objects but a fun example is an assortment of same color plastic forks and spoons.  Make a pattern and ask your child to copy it.  For example: spoon, spoon, fork, spoon, spoon, fork.  You can also ask, “What comes next?”

To add a challenge, add different colored plastic so the patterns become more complicated.  Your child will have to discriminate between kind and color.  For example: red spoon, blue spoon, blue fork.  Then again, have your child copy the pattern or determine what comes next.

Happy Playing!


Project Play – Shapes


Children love constructing shapes and pictures using different materials.  Here is an interesting activity in shapes and creativity!  Give your child a heavy piece of paper and some masking tape or bandages.  Let your child unwrap the bandages and stick them to the paper to create designs.  She can do the same with pieces of tape.  It is fun to see what your child comes up with!

As a variation, ask your child to complete a pattern, such as “tape, tape, bandage, tape, tape, bandage.”  Or you could encourage her to make letters from the tape or bandages…spell her name!

Happy Playing!