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Opportunites to Write

While there are many developmental milestones that are important for writing, such as the pincer grasp, at Square Roots Preschool we like to practice writing in many different ways.  One way is “writing” on forms, charts, calendars, lists…all just like they see adults do.  This also helps develop confidence in themselves and well as demonstrating the importance of the written word.

Project Play – The Anywhere Writing Center


This activity is so great for car rides, restaurant outings or waiting rooms waits!  Your child will have fun learning dexterity and fine muscle control from frequent scribbling and drawing.

All you need is a tote bag, a notebook and some crayons.  Take it with you everywhere you go.  Have her draw and color, make lists, write a letter, draw a map…the possibilities are endless!  She will also be gaining confidence for when it comes to trying to write letters or copy words.

For younger kids, tape the crayon to a short piece of yarn (not too long so she doesn’t get tangled in it) and tie the other end to the notebook.  This will save your sanity in car so you don’t hear “I dropped my crayon!” a thousand times:)

For older kids who are less likely to drop the crayons, you can always put crayons, markers and colored pencils in the bag to offer different options.

Imagine what a great keepsake this will be too!  You can look back at your child’s writing journey.

Happy Playing!