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Recognizing Beginning Letter Sounds

Learning Letter Sounds

At Square Roots Preschool, we believe the best way to learn beginning letter sounds is with a hands-on AND ears-on approach!  We have been recognizing and listening to letter sounds all year so it was time to put those skills to work with this fun activity.  What is the sweetest sound to most kids ears?  THEIR NAME!!!  So why not start with the beginning letter of their name :)  This is also a great activity for building vocabulary and early analytical thinking.  With all kinds of pictures on the table, the children got to pick out the pictures that also started with the letter sound of their first name.  I can’t even explain the look of pride when they found one!!!

Homemade Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

These are a classroom favorite!!!  We actually made these particular bird feeders at Christmastime because I love to use holiday-shaped cookie cutters to make the bird feeders look like ornaments hanging in the trees.  The children like that it is ooey and gooey to squish into the forms.  They enjoy watching the birds come to eat at the ornament they made for them.  Spring is a great time for this activity too!  With all the baby birds being born, your bird feeder should be busy :)

Here is the recipe we used, except I left out the gelatin and they turned out perfect!

A Child’s Eye

Water Bottle Collages

I just love the creativity of children along with the excitement and pride they take in their creations.  Just give a child an empty water bottle and some collage supplies and watch what masterpiece he or she creates!

P.S.  Think of all the fun themed bottles you could do!!!  Letters, numbers, colors of the rainbow, treasures found…

Scrape Painting

Scrape Painting

We swapped paint brushes for rulers!  This is a simple art process that allows children to explore color shades and color mixing while making cool shapes and designs :)


Reading and Math

Left to Right Progression

Learning to read is HARD!  If you are reading this, do you remember a time that you could not read?  Most likely not.  Nor do you probably remember the process it took to learn to read.  First you had to learn your letters, then the sounds the letters make, then putting the sounds together to make the word then…then…then…  Whew!  Learning to go from left to right is a very important part of the process too, especially in the English language … and all before you may have known your left from your right.  At Square Roots Preschool, we incorporate left to right progression (pre-reading) into math!  We practice one-to-one correspondence daily during Circle Time.  While counting, the children practice moving from left to right with their eyes and finger as they do one-to-one correspondence.  When they start reading, their eyes and brain all already trained to move in that left to right progression making learning to read so much easier :)