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First Week of School!

We had so much fun during our first week of school!  Let’s see what we did this week…

✓  Colored in a box

✓  Made necklaces with circles

✓  Transferred red items with tongs

✓  Explored lentils and apples in our sensory bin

✓  Did a science experiment

✓  Learned to recognize our names

✓  Learned the months, days, color red and the shape circle

✓  Counted to 10

✓  Did some basic adding and subtracting

✓  Learned some Spanish

✓  Learned the letter “Aa”

✓  Listened to letter sounds

✓  Jumped

✓  Read books

✓  Played outside

✓  Made alligators

✓  Made paper airplanes and flew them

Whew!  No wonder Ms. Taryn is tired!!!  See you next week 🙂



Science is Exciting!!!


A preschooler’s world is one huge science exploration!  From learning about how to roll a ball to what the wind feels like on your to making fizzy letters!!!  Children are learning constantly about their world.  At Square Roots Preschool, we fill our days with fun science projects all the time.  With this particular experiment, the children learned about cause and effect and combining materials when we reviewed letters by making them bubble and fizz!

Follow these easy instructions:

  • Mix baking soda and water in a bowl.   I do a 3:1 ratio of baking soda to water.  You do not want the mixture too runny or too pasty, you want it almost like an oatmeal texture.  You could add food coloring to your mixture too.  I did not for this particular activity but I have added food coloring or Kool-Aid in the past for color and scent.
  • Pour the mixture into any mold you would like to use.  I used a letter mold (I believe I found them at Hobby Lobby) since we were reviewing our letters for this activity.
  • Put the mold with the mixture in the freezer overnight.  The fact that this is freezing cold when you start your activity is exciting in itself!
  • Pop your mixture out of it’s mold.  I put them on paper plates here or you could use a bowl to catch the liquid…
  • Here is where the liquid comes in!  Pour some vinegar (I use white vinegar) in a bowl and let your child squirt the vinegar on the frozen mixture you took out of the mold.  You can use an eye dropper or I like to use turkey basters for many different reasons…this is a whole post all on it’s own!
  • The reaction of the vinegar mixing with baking soda makes the mixture and in our case, the letters bubble and fizz AND a lot of squeals of delight!!!