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Opportunites to Write

While there are many developmental milestones that are important for writing, such as the pincer grasp, at Square Roots Preschool we like to practice writing in many different ways.  One way is “writing” on forms, charts, calendars, lists…all just like they see adults do.  This also helps develop confidence in themselves and well as demonstrating the importance of the written word.

The Power of the Sticker

Sticker Ah! The sticker!  You remember those as a kid, right?  And how you would do just about anything for a sticker?!?!  Well, I don’t think that has changed with the new generation.  But…have you ever thought what it takes to peel and stick those stickers?  As adults, we peel and stick and don’t even think about it.  Give a sheet of stickers to a young child though and you will see an intense look of concentration.  Or…tears … if a sticker happens to get ripped!  Let’s take a look at what goes in to peeling a sticker…

  • Developing the pincer grasp. This is the fine motor skill that enables you to pick up small items with your thumb and index finger. Getting a hold of that sticker is not an easy feat! As this relates to pre-handwriting, it helps a child to develop the strength to hold a pencil with a 3 or 4 fingertip pinch.
  • Hand-eye coordination is so important for so many life tasks but as it relates to learning, it is vital to reading and writing. The child needs to put their hand precisely where the sticker ends. A little to the left or a little to the right and it won’t work…they’ve missed the target!
  • Persistence. The desire to keep trying and trying to get a hold of the sticker. And when a child does, watch them beam with pride! This fosters self-confidence and independence.
  • Perseverance. Who gets distracted? Or wants to do something easier? Me, me, me! Peeling that sticker and sticking it gives a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I did it!
  • Bilateral coordination is the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time. Imagine how hard it is for a young child to hold the sheet of stickers with one hand while using that pincer grasp to peel the sticker off! And this will pay off down the road when it comes to sports and playing a musical instrument.

Go buy some stickers! Don’t feel guilty when you give your child a sheet of stickers and piece of paper so you can make dinner.  You are fostering a lot of important skills!  You just might find them on the refrigerator…cabinets…in the laundry…on the couch…you know…