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Recognizing Beginning Letter Sounds

Learning Letter Sounds

At Square Roots Preschool, we believe the best way to learn beginning letter sounds is with a hands-on AND ears-on approach!  We have been recognizing and listening to letter sounds all year so it was time to put those skills to work with this fun activity.  What is the sweetest sound to most kids ears?  THEIR NAME!!!  So why not start with the beginning letter of their name 🙂  This is also a great activity for building vocabulary and early analytical thinking.  With all kinds of pictures on the table, the children got to pick out the pictures that also started with the letter sound of their first name.  I can’t even explain the look of pride when they found one!!!

Project Play – What doesn’t belong?


Children learn classification by understanding the attributes of objects and knowing the vocabulary to name them.

Name three items for your child, two alike and one different, such as, “apple, orange, corn,” or “popsicle, hot dog, ice cream.”  Ask her which “doesn’t go.”  Always make sure to ask her why:)  Children may be eliminating objects based on an attribute we might not consider.   As a variation, you can also ask her to name things that are big, small, yummy, smelly, fun, fast, or slow.  Use as many attributes as you can imagine.

Happy Playing!